Succesfull online discussion group in Flanders about extensification of vegetable production

SOILDIVERAGRO Belgium partners organized a discussion group with stakeholders last 19th May in a digital format due to the corona crisis. Even there was no previous experience in developing such a type of format, and it was an uncertain sucess at the begining, the event exceded expectations. Fourteen people from different profiles and backgrounds take the change and participate on the debate. Between them, many researchers with different expertise attended, next to i.a. policy officers, industry advisors, and even a…

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New dates for discussion groups at Belgium

Belgium partners started spreading invitations for discussion group for the SoildiverAgro project. Date & location: the event is planned for May 19th 2020 (in replacement of the cancelled one end of March). Location is online.  Invitations were spread to a wide public in Flanders (growers, advisors, government officers, researchers,… more or less linked to vegetable cultivation) by e-mail. Interested people who cannot attend are invited to share their thoughts by e-mail or phone. A description and overview of the trial…

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Sustainable agriculture from the perspective of soil biodiversity, by Krista Peltoniemi

A recent research project responds to concerns over weakened soil biodiversity. The objective of the SoildiverAgro project of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is to protect soil biodiversity and fertility by developing cultivation methods. The EU-funded research project covers six geographic regions, ranging from Finland to the Mediterranean. Click here to continue reading.

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SoildiverAgro brochures available!!

SOILDIVERAGRO just launch brochures with project information in all project languages. You can see here the English version here.      Download in other languages: Spanish, Galicien, Flemish, German, Czech, Estonian, Finish and Danish.

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Online regional meeting SoildiverAgro partners in Belgium

The Belgian SoildiverAgro´s partners celebrated an online regional meeting on 18th March to overview and take decissions about the action plan focuss on the impacts of soil biodiversity on crop production and other ecosystem services. During this meeting a power-point presentation was presented. This presentation provided an updated overview of the planning of this activity, data gathering, setup, coordination and reporting. The update was based on the new agreements obtained during the workshop held in Brussels (28 Jan 2020) with…

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First discussion groups at Belgium (Cancelled)

On the 30th and 31st of March, our Belgium partners IV-ILVO, INAGRO and PKSW will organise two meetings with the discussion groups on soil biodiversity and soil quality. A rich soil life is important for good soil quality, which in turn determines healthy plant growth. However, there are still many questions about this soil life. The SoildiverAgro project wants to gain more insight into this and is conducting research into which new practices and cultivation systems improve the genetic and…

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SoildiverAgro start consultations to farmers in Spain and Finland

SoildiverAgro start consultations to farmers on implementing possible more sustainable agricultural management practices in Spain and Finland. More than 20 farmers and other players in the agri-food sector will participate in both discussion groups on new agricultural management practices on 5th March in Finland and 11th March in Xinzo, Galicia, Spain. This day held within the framework of the European project SoildiverAgro is open to the participation of farmers, researchers, agronomic technicians in companies, agro-industry, manufacturers, NGOs, public administration, suppliers,…

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First SoildiverAgro regional meeting in Germany

The Horizon2020 project, SoildiverAgro, aims at organizing 5 regional meetings within the project lifetime to discuss in depth the case studies of each pedoclimatic region covered by the project. This first regional meeting took place in Germany last February 19th. It was organized by Stefan Shrader, Thünen-Institute (TI), acting as regional coordinator of the German SoildiverAgro stakeholders´ community. This meeting was done in collaboration with the company FlächenAgentur Rheinland GmbH (FAR), and also the non-profit organization Stiftung Rheinische Kulturlandschaft and…

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Finland hosts the first field visits

The first of the field days held in July was attended by about 75 farmers and advisors who analyzed cover and companion crops, organised by Tyynelä Farm. Participants performed several shovel tests in the field, to perform a simplified soil diagnosis. Soil specialists from University of Helsinki and local advisory oganization showed attendees how to perform a visual soil assessment for decision making. The project aroused great interest among the participants and actively discussed topics related to crop rotation, soil…

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