SoildiverAgro mention at Campo Galego

The regional digital newspaper Campo Galego has given a shout-out to the SoildiverAgro project in one of its most recent posts. The article covers the journey celebrated on the 14th of December, where our project coordinator David Fernández Calviño presented the results of the SoildiverAgro project that would help the transition into a more sustainable agriculture that improves potato production in Galicia. This ties in with the previous talks of the journey where the researcher Laura Meno explained the usefulness…

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Event towards improvements in potato production at Xinzo

A great debate was held yesterday at Xinzo related to more sustainable and less costly agriculture: Improvements in potato production. The results are promising, although two years are not enough time to draw definitive conclusions, and the year 2022 was unusual because of the high temperatures. INORDE engaged the nearly 40 participants to join the discussion and animated the debate a lot after the speaker’s interventions. In addition, quite a few technicians asked very sharp questions.

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Visit to Kilpiä farm in Finland!

Owners of the Kilpiä farm and Luke organized a visit to the Case Study 14a (Contrasting continuous plant cover with inversion tillage in wheat fields) demo site in Pusula Finland on the 24th of November. This can be marked as a new regional meeting of the Boreal region. The project members who assisted enjoyed the demonstrations on how the soil looks like after the 3 years of conventional tillage and reduced tillage. Also, they were able to discuss the future…

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New galician workshop towards a more sustainable agriculture with lower costs: Improving potato production

The upcoming 14th of December, SoildiverAgro will celebrate a journey that will focus on the improvement of the potato production. The main objective of this session, organized by Universidade de Vigo, is to show the results of the SoildiverAgro project that would help the transition into a more sustainable agriculture that improves the potato production in Galicia. This activity is part of the multiactor strategy established at the beginning of the project. The aim with this is to encourage farmers…

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SoildiverAgro at a workshop in Estonia

The Estonian University of Life Sciences and the Estonian Association of Soil Science are coming together to offer a workshop called “Why the soil biodiversity is useful for farmers?”. The event will be carried out next 5th of December in the aula of the Estonian University of Life Sciences. It will take place on the same day as the International Day of Soil, which has been celebrated in Estonia for about 13 years already. The SoildiverAgro project results will be…

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Visit to the trial fields of Inagro

This past 6th of October, Inagro (Flanders, Belgium) organized a visit to the fields where its organic trial farm is located. The program included a discussion of the past growing season and a tour of the field trials. It concluded with a networking event in the farm shed. Thirty people were welcomed during the visit, including a large number of organic farmers but advisers and people from various agricultural supply companies also participated. The main focus of the visit was…

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Last sampling event at the Boreal Region

From the 10th to the 13th of October the Boreal Region held its last earthworm and soil sampling event for case studies 13 and 15 in Latilia, Finland. This is the third year that earthworm and soil samples are being taken. The early potato fields were studied to see the effects of forest-based organic amendments and cover crops on soil biological diversity.  

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SoildiverAgro in Diario do Limia

Last 9th of October Diario do Limia highlighted the intervention of our colleague -and project coordinator- David Fernández (Universidade de Vigo) in the ‘Festa da Pataca’ (Potato Festival) in Vilar de Barrio. In the article, they draw special attention to the changes that SoildiverAgro will bring out with its results. This is yet another chance to promote the project. If you are interested in reading more about the things that David explained during the event you can read the full…

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Save the date for the Soil Health Conference

Do not forget that next 5th December –on the proper World Soil Day- ILVO, Wervel, LLAEBIO, VUB, Organic Forest, SoildiverAgro and Agromix are inviting you to the Soil Health Conference Harnessing biodiversity for better agronomy in Brussels! The conference aims to answer key questions about the future of agronomy, starting with a historical perspective. There will be room for presentations that will provide scientific evidence for a biodiversity-based approach and numerous good practices. You’ll be able to find the full…

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SoildiverAgro at the FestILVO

ILVO, the partner of SoildiverAgro, celebrated its 90th anniversary by means of a 4-day festival called FestILVO. Approximately 7000 people and 800 students visited FestILVO to learn about new food like algae, precision farming with drones, characterising soil organisms by advanced DNA-based methods like long-read sequencing and much more. On 2 professional days, more than 1000 participants followed a diversity of research topics in detail. One of the topics was “Speeding up soil health, six challenges for the future” to…

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