SoildiverAgro was displayed at the Farmari exhibition for Finnish agriculture, forestry and countryside, held from June 30th to July 2nd in Mikkeli, Finland. Farmari is an event for the whole family, presenting the modern Finnish food production chain from field to table. This is where professionals and consumers meet to exchange ideas and opinions. The Finnish Natural Resources Institute (Luke) introduced the SoildiverAgro project among others to the visitors. Altogether the exhibition attracted a total of 60 000 visitors.

SoildiverAgro received interest during the three-day exhibition. Visitors were introduced to the project with the help of a worm quiz. In addition, mugs, pens and cotton bags with the project’s logo were available for the visitors to the exhibition. The worm quiz consisted of questions related to, for example, the number of earthworm species and the average number of earthworms per hectare in Finnish fields. The quiz turned out to be quite challenging but nevertheless entertaining. Only one person answered correctly to all four questions. The question of the average depth of earthworm tunnels in Finnish fields puzzled many farmers as many had the understanding that the tunnels are often deeper than one meter which is the correct answer.

More information from the event: and on twitter @Tule_Farmariin with hashtag #Farmari2022.