In the new scientific paper supported by SoildiverAgro, researchers from the Department of Plant Biology and Soil Sciences at the University of Vigo, Spain, and the Department of Microbiology and Virology at the University of Habana, Cuba, dive deep into the world of aeromycological studies in cereal crops.

These studies are crucial in understanding the temporal variation of plant pathogens affecting crops like corn, wheat, rice or oats. Moreover, they help determine the best times to apply fungicides, a critical aspect of modern agriculture. The research paper, titled Aeromycological Studies in Cereal Crops: A Systematic Review, takes a comprehensive look at existing studies in this field. The researchers conducted a systematic search in Scopus, covering research up to 1st August 2022. This systematic review not only summarizes existing aeromycological studies but also suggests avenues for future research. Interestingly, the researchers found no aeromycological studies in oats, rye, and millet, indicating potential areas for future exploration.

If you’re passionate about agriculture and want to delve further into this fascinating field of study, we invite you to read the full paper. It’s a valuable resource for researchers, farmers, and anyone interested in the intersection of science and agriculture. Your support and engagement are instrumental in advancing the mission of SoildiverAgro, which is dedicated to sustainable agriculture.

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