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Launch of SoildiverAgro Community, a network to exchange experiences and gain knowledge linked with production and ecosystem services

SoildiverAgro project launches the Stakeholders Community conformed by different stakeholders managing agro-ecosystems, which will be the primary beneficiaries of the project outcomes. Around each case study, volunteer farmers will be enrolled in Regional Communities to improve knowledge exchange between scientists, and stakeholders, to co-create new knowledge, to put into practice research results, to boost interactive and demand-driven innovation, and moreover to focus on real problems or opportunities that farmers are facing. These engaging activities are essential to demonstrate and promote…

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wheat sampling continental case study 11

Wheat sampling in the Continental region

In June 2021 at plant growth stage 39 (BBCH scale), colleagues of the project partners TI and FAR collected samples of soil, plants and litter in all treatments. Furthermore, sampling included soil microorganisms, nematodes, soil microarthropods and earthworms. These samples are part of case study 11,  Plant diversity is tested to promote soil intrinsic self-regulating processes and to enhance fungivorous soil fauna communities in wheat-cropping systems. Continental (Germany).

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The Lusitanian region starts sowing wheat for the SoildiverAgro project

Last week farmers of the Lusitanian region starts sowing wheat for the SoildiverAgro project. These images are related to: Case study 3: Use of crop diversification and trap crops in potato fields to reduce the incidence of cyst nematode, decrease the use of nematicides, increase the crop yields and increase the soil biodiversity. Case study 5: Implementation of the Decision Support Systems (pest alert system) to reduces the use of fungicides in potato and wheat crops and their impact in biodiversity.…

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SoildiverAgro WP3 discussion group meets next week to discuss about samples analysis framework

Next week, 16th March from 10-12 AM, the WP3 discussion group will assemble during an online meeting to discuss about the framework concerning data analysis. Some of the main points will focus on: Filling in the metadata file Data collection for downstream analysis Data analysis how? who? Publication strategy The main objective of WP3 is to determine the current status of the soil biodiversity across Europe in relation to climate conditions, soil characteristics, cropping and agricultural management systems. The results…

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SoildiverAgro host a regional meeting in Mediterranean South (MDS) about the relation between soil biodiversity and crop production

The 29th September an informative session will be hold by SoildiverAgro partners UPCT and ASAJA focused on sustainable agriculture and addressed to all stakeholders and people interested on soil biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. This interaction with local stakeholders forms part of a multiactor approach set up from the beginning of the project, that looks for the interaction of key stakeholders and integrate these interactions during all project lifetime. During this session, all results achieved during the first year of the…

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Two discussion groups on wheat and potatoe crops by UPCT

Next week our SoildiverAgro partner Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT) will develop two discussion groups focused on new sustainable practices on wheat and potatoe crops. It is expected to be an exchange of experiences and opinions between farmers, researchers, specialist technicians, expert staff in public administration or suppliers. It will be held in spanish and through Teams platform. You can join here: 15th September at 18:00h (Potatoe discussion group) 16th September at 18:00h (Wheat discussion group) Proyecto SoildiverAgro: GRUPO DE…

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Succesfull online discussion group in Flanders about extensification of vegetable production

SOILDIVERAGRO Belgium partners organized a discussion group with stakeholders last 19th May in a digital format due to the corona crisis. Even there was no previous experience in developing such a type of format, and it was an uncertain sucess at the begining, the event exceded expectations. Fourteen people from different profiles and backgrounds take the change and participate on the debate. Between them, many researchers with different expertise attended, next to i.a. policy officers, industry advisors, and even a…

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New dates for discussion groups at Belgium

Belgium partners started spreading invitations for discussion group for the SoildiverAgro project. Date & location: the event is planned for May 19th 2020 (in replacement of the cancelled one end of March). Location is online.  Invitations were spread to a wide public in Flanders (growers, advisors, government officers, researchers,… more or less linked to vegetable cultivation) by e-mail. Interested people who cannot attend are invited to share their thoughts by e-mail or phone. A description and overview of the trial…

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SoildiverAgro brochures available!!

SOILDIVERAGRO just launch brochures with project information in all project languages. You can see here the English version here.      Download in other languages: Spanish, Galicien, Flemish, German, Czech, Estonian, Finish and Danish.

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