Complete booklet

Regional Communities and case studies booklet

Edited by FEUGA (December, 2021)



Interactions between agricultural management and soil biodiversity: an overview of current knowledge

Edited by Diego Soto-Gómez, Merrit Shanskiy and David Fernández-Calviño (November, 2020)


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Handbook on case studies set up, protocols for sampling, sample procedure and analysis

Edited by Diego Soto Gómez, David Fernández Calviño, Kristian Koefoed Brandt, Lieven Waeyenberge, Raúl Zornoza and Silvia Martínez Martínez (November,2020)



Protocols for sampling, general soil characterization and soil biodiversity analysis

Edited by David Fernández Calviño, Diego Soto Gómez, Kristian Koefoed Brandt and Lieven Waeyenberge (June,2020)


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Polithecnic Building
32004 Ourense (Spain)

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