We are happy to share the news of SoildiverAgro presentation in the online workshop “Network to Innovate: Soil Biodiversity” that has taken place on February 20, 2024 – organized by the Rural Networks of Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Poland.

Roosi Soosaar from NGO Soil Innovation Cluster had the opportunity to present SoildiverAgro during the event, not only showing the objectives of the project but also presenting some of the results of field tests from Estonia 2019. She has shared the floor with representatives from other fantastic related initiatives: EIP Agri Operational Group “Bazydrill”, LIFE project “Climate Responsible Agriculture for Latvia”, and the “Agricultural Biodiversity Roadmap” for Finland.

During her presentation (link to YouTube), she had explained the relevance of soil biodiversity for delivering ecosystem services and explained in detail the findings of their study to determine the status of some soil biota groups (earthworms and microbial communities) in organically and conventionally managed fields (ten conventionally and ten organically managed spring wheat fields in Estonia).

The field tests led to conclusions that different earthworm categories and species are differently affected by the land management practices, being organic fields where higher number of earthworm and also more different species were found; and that the abundance of earthworms in the soil depends upon numerous factors as the land use, moisture level, organic matter content level and the acidity of the soil.

Discover more about the event: https://metk.agri.ee/en/network-innovate-soil-biodiversity#soil-biodiversity

Link to video-presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cNqUZ84KUk&t=752s