Luke’s Natural Resources Unit’s will hold an internal online seminar on the 28th of October titled “Transition from intensive agriculture into productive and sustainable crop production. How to produce enough food in a sustainable way?” (in Finnish “Tehomaataloudesta tuottoisaan ja kokonaiskestävään peltokasvituotantoon. Miten tuotetaan ruokaa riittävästi ja kestävästi?”). Results of WP3 are being presented in a talk by Krista Peltoniemi.

An external national webinar on the 10th of November titled as “The importance of soil microbiome in sustainable plant protection” (in Finnish “Maaperän mikrobiomin merkitys kestävässä kasvinsuojelussa). Registration here: Webinaari: Maaperän mikrobiomin merkitys kestävässä kasvinsuojelussa | Turvallisuus- ja kemikaalivirasto (Tukes)

This second webinar, open and free, is targeted to the IPM and organic farming experts interested in reducing the dependence on chemical plant protection products. The audience addressed are researchers, agricultural advisers, vocational agricultural school teachers and students, training and certification providers for the professional users of plant protection products, farmers, pesticide retailers, NGOs. The webinar aims to inform about the means and benefits of the EU Farm to Fork target on reducing the use and dependence on chemical pesticides. This seminar is organized by Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Tukes. Tukes is the competent authority of the PPP regulation (1107/2009) and the directive on the sustainable use of pesticides (2009/128) directive in Finland.

At this second webinar, SoildiverAgro WP3 results are being presented in two webinar talks by Krista Peltoniemi and Sannakajsa Velmala.