ILVO, the partner of SoildiverAgro, celebrated its 90th anniversary by means of a 4-day festival called FestILVO. Approximately 7000 people and 800 students visited FestILVO to learn about new food like algae, precision farming with drones, characterising soil organisms by advanced DNA-based methods like long-read sequencing and much more. On 2 professional days, more than 1000 participants followed a diversity of research topics in detail. One of the topics was “Speeding up soil health, six challenges for the future” to safeguard sustainable food production, soil biodiversity and soil functions. Goals which are also crucial for SoildiverAgro. Through short presentations biodiversity, carbon & climate, water, nutrients & closing cycles, soil compaction and agro-ecology were discussed in the presence of 110 participants. Lieven Waeyenberge of SoildiverAgro addressed the importance of soil biodiversity and demonstrated how we can measure soil biodiversity by considering the diversity, abundance and functionality of soil nematode communities. He ended his presentation by mentioning the “regional community” ready for farmers and other stakeholders, interested in biodiversity and linked ecosystem services, to join.