On the 23th of June 2021, some Flemish organisations in Belgium organise a mini-symposium to present results of ongoing international projects on organic farming, including SoildiverAgro. The symposium is organised by CCBT, NOBL and the Flemish Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, and will take place online from 13h00 till 17h00. CCBT is the coordination centre for applied research and extension on organic agriculture in Flanders and is part of the ‘Strategic Action Plan for Organic Farming’ of the Flemish Government. NOBL stands for ‘Network for Organic Food and Farming Research’, and is together with CCBT and BBN (Organic farmers’ networks) united in the ‘Flemish Organic food and farming Research & Knowledge network’ (FORK-network). The presentations will be in the local language (Dutch).

Mini symposium “BIO-onderzoek” subscription at: www.ccbt.be/mini-symposium

More info at: https://www.ccbt.be/