Due to the Corona-crisis, the field trial of Pomona, partner in the SoildiverAgro-project following an agro-ecological way of farming, has been postponed. During the last months, finally, the field trial was started to investigate the effect of 3 different applications of organic matter on wheat production, soil physical and chemical conditions, and biodiversity. This case study will test different sources of green manure for wheat production at Atlantic Central (Belgium).

After harvest of the Triticum spelta crop of 2021 and collection of the first soil samples to infer the initial field conditions, the case study was prepared for the winter by mechanical disruption of the stubble (photo 1), application and incorporation of organic manure (photo 2, 3, 4) and sowing of the cover crop (photo 5). Next year, again Triticum spelta will be produced and the cycle can repeat itself.