Technological Innovations and New Findings in Soil Biota Unveiled at Maamess 2024: Insights from the SoildiverAgro Project

Tartu, Estonia – April 18, 2024 The Maamess 2024 expo, a cornerstone event for the agriculture, forestry, gardening, and food industries, drew significant international attention with 462 exhibitors from 9 countries and an impressive turnout of approximately 40,000 visitors. During this time, Tartu became a hub of rural economy expertise as Maamess 2024 brought together innovators and professionals to showcase their advancements. On the 18th of April, Roosi Soosaar from the Soil Innovation Cluster disseminated crucial results from the Horizon2020…

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SoildiverAgro Training Course in the Mediterranean Region

Delighted to share with all of you some pictures of the training course developed by SoildiverAgro partners UPCT in the Mediterranean region (February 2024). The course was part of the activities developed within the framework of the SoildiverAgro Regional Communities, under the Mediterranean South case study. Check out other related events within our Community of Practitioners and interactions with relevant stakeholders: field days, discussion groups, meetings at regional level. Engage with our Community and put yourself on the map! to learn…

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SoildiverAgro 2024 General Assembly Held in Tartu, Estonia

The SoildiverAgro 2024 General Assembly took place in Tartu, Estonia, on May 28th and 29th, marking a significant milestone as the project enters its final year. This five-year initiative has shown substantial progress, and the assembly served as a platform to consolidate final conclusions and outline forthcoming steps. The event began on Tuesday morning, with leaders of various Work Packages (WPs) providing both general and specific updates on their progress. Notably, WP 3, 4, and 5 are nearing completion, with…

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Reaching another milestone, SoildiverAgro partners will meet in the Estonian city of Tartu on 28-29 May for the annual General Assembly.

SoildiverAgro Partners meet in Estonia for the General Assembly

Reaching another milestone, SoildiverAgro partners will meet in the Estonian city of Tartu on 28-29 May for the annual General Assembly. This meeting will provide the environment for partners to review their progress over the last year and outline the next steps. Day 1 Highlights Key items from first day agenda include A conference on Rural Development and Biodiversity, hosted by the Juana de Vega Foundation. Interaction with other EU projects such as BIOservicES and SOB4ES. These collaborations will facilitate…

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Our last workshop in the boreal region “Possibilities of reduced tillage and diversification in cereal cultivation – methods, benefits and experiences”.

A total of about 40 people, researchers, farmers and stakeholders, gathered at the beautiful premises of the Knehtilä organic farm in Hyvinkää on Thursday 4 April for a seminar and workshop organised by Luke and the Finnish Organic Research Institute in connection with the boreal case studies on soil tillage effects. First, farmers Tuomas Mattila from Kilpiä farm and Juuso Joona from Tyynelä farm described the experimental set-ups for the cs14a and cs14b case studies conducted on their farms. Then…

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The EU-FarmBook has been launched

The EU platform presents itself as the point of reference for farmers, foresters and advisors. It develops an EU-wide open source interactive database to get inspired to innovate. It will congregate practical materials i.e. videos, user manuals, and infographics.  The main purpose of the EU-FarmBook is to support knowledge exchange, by further developing, expanding and maintaining an easily accessible and user-friendly EU-wide Online Platform for practitioners in the agriculture and forestry sectors. To achieve this, it follows the following specific…

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“Network to innovate: Regenerative Agriculture” & SoildiverAgro

We are more than pleased to announce the spreading of SoildiverAgro message through different networks and events in Europe. This time again, Roosi Soosaar from NGO Soil Innovation Cluster has been participating in the workshop of “Regenerative Agriculture” organised by National Rural Networks of Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Poland in December 12, 2023.   During this workshop, different projects had the chance to present their objectives and main activities developed under their umbrella and interact with each other, creating an open…

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Joint workshop in Finland: “Possibilities of reduced tillage and diversification in cereal cultivation – methods, benefits and experiences”

SoildiverAgro finish partners LUKE are organizing a joint event with another project, LuovaMix, in which to present the outcomes and experiences about the SoildiverAgro’s boreal case studies cs14a and cs14b concerning the reduced tillage in wheat fields. The event is expected to initiate a lively discussion with farmers and stakeholders from the region about the strategy and main results. This LuovaMix & SoildiverAgro joint event will be held in on Thursday, April 4, 2024, from 10 am to 4 pm…

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SoildiverAgro in the “Soil Biodiversity” workshop

We are happy to share the news of SoildiverAgro presentation in the online workshop “Network to Innovate: Soil Biodiversity” that has taken place on February 20, 2024 – organized by the Rural Networks of Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Poland. Roosi Soosaar from NGO Soil Innovation Cluster had the opportunity to present SoildiverAgro during the event, not only showing the objectives of the project but also presenting some of the results of field tests from Estonia 2019. She has shared the…

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SoildiverAgro presentation at the Finnish Agricultural Science Days

Last week we celebrated Maataloustieteenpäivät (The Finnish Agricultural Science Days)! Between the 10th and 11th of January, our partner Luke participated in a national scientific meeting that brought together over 600 participants, including researchers, teachers, students, entrepreneurs and experts from different sectors of agronomy in Finland, to hear about the latest scientific research results and projects. In one of the sessions on a multidisciplinary approach to farmland diversity, Senior Scientist and Boreal Regional Coordinator Krista Peltoniemi, Research Scientist Annika Tienhaara…

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