Promotional video from SoildiverAgro

Lusitanean coordinator University of Vigo organized a meeting on June 11th to record a promotional video for SoildiverAgro, in which they will comment the results of the project in Galicia. During the promotional video, you will be able to see project members David, Laura, Rubén, and Servando engaged in a comprehensive discussion about the project, covering its benefits, results, and various aspects such as the pest alert system, the use of crop diversification, trap crops and mycorrhiza in potato fields,…

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SoildiverAgro field day regarding Case studies based on Biocontrol and Plant diversity

FAR in collaboration with TI organized a field trip to Rheinland in western Germany on June 6th of 2023 under the patronage of Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrheinwestfalen, a regional agricultural consultant agency which holds a wide network of agricultural stakeholders. With this concept, a large number of participants was attracted to attend. The participants were informed about background, intention and general aims of SoildiverAgro. More specifically, aims, design and current status of the case studies 10 and 11 based on Biocontrol and…

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Update of Case Study 7 (Atlantic central, Belgium)

Inagro (Flanders, Belgium) organized a visit to the trial fields of its organic trial farm on Wednesday, June 28. The program included two parallel tours. An explanation about how was dealt with the difficult spring this year (due to the wet months of March and April) was also addressed. A networking event in the farm shed concluded the afternoon/evening. A total of 70 interested people were welcomed including a large number of organic farmers but advisers and people from various…

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The last soil sampling event in Finland for WP5 in boreal region for case studies 14b and 15 in June

The last and third year’s soil samples were taken on the 15th of June from boreal field case study 14b in wheat field located in Tyynelä farm, Joutseno, Finland. The experimental field in case study 14b was established in wheat field to study the effects of tillage on soil biodiversity. The effects of direct sowing with minimum tillage and continuous plant cover between mouldboard deep ploughing are investigated. Partners involved: Luke and Tyynelän

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Pomona potatoes planting day

Pomona is a consumer-driven cooperative agroforestry farm applying sustainable agricultural management (agroecological farming) aiming at a perfect balance between a fully developed ecosystem and profitable crop production. On the 2nd of May, the field trial was prepared for planting potatoes. The planting itself was executed the next day, using a less automated and advanced way to limit the impact on the soil structure. Two workers on the back of the tractor planted 2 varieties of potatoes: Alouette, a red potato,…

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Annual SoildiverAgro regional meeting for the boreal region in 2023

A regional meeting for all project members and Finnish partners on current topics and ongoing tasks in the SoildiverAgro project will be held in Helsinki at Luke Viikki and online in Teams next Monday 8th  of May between 09:00 h and 12:00 h. Organized by the Boreal regional coordinator Krista Peltoniemi from Luke, 17 project members from Luke, Petla, Kilpiä and Tyynelä farm partners have been invited. The objective of the meeting is to discuss and change information about the…

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SoildiverAgro is featured in a regional newspaper!

On the 25th of April, the regional newspaper La Voz de Galicia (specifically the SomosAgro section) has featured the project SoildiverAgro as one of its latest articles! The post about the project speaks about the need for collaboration with potato growers in an online survey that SoildiverAgro is carrying out. The project wants to test techniques that allow growers to use fewer chemicals, both to combat pests and to fertilise the soil, and that will help to achieve a higher…

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Upcoming webinar: “Network to Innovate: Crop biodiversity”

On the next 18th of April 2023, starting at 9:30 CET, the National Rural Networks of Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Poland are organising a workshop “Network to Innovate: Crop Biodiversity”. The workshop will cover four inspiring examples of innovations. The main objective of the event is to create a space for the networking and the exchange of knowledge on projects and initiatives from Nordic-Baltic countries. All interested participants are welcome, regardless of their country. However, the working language of this workshop…

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IPPN is offering travel support grants for the GSBC2023

The Root Phenotyping Working Group of the International Plant Phenotyping Network (IPPN) is now offering Travel support grants (2 grants, up to 500 EUR each) to early career researchers participating in the Global Soil Biodiversity Conference (Dublin, March 13th-15th 2023). Travel Grant Applications are due by March 8th to: Saoirse Tracy, Vice Chair of the Root Phenotyping Working Group, IPPN Criteria: ·  Early career researchers (within PhD or 5 full time years from PhD completion) ·  Confirmed participation with a…

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