A total of about 40 people, researchers, farmers and stakeholders, gathered at the beautiful premises of the Knehtilä organic farm in Hyvinkää on Thursday 4 April for a seminar and workshop organised by Luke and the Finnish Organic Research Institute in connection with the boreal case studies on soil tillage effects.

First, farmers Tuomas Mattila from Kilpiä farm and Juuso Joona from Tyynelä farm described the experimental set-ups for the cs14a and cs14b case studies conducted on their farms. Then Luke’s senior scientists Krista Peltoniemi, Visa Nuutinen and Marleena Hagner presented the new results on the effects of tillage (ploughing vs. minimum tillage) on soil biodiversity, including earthworms, nematodes and fungi. In addition, researcher Annika Tienhaara from Luke presented results from questionnaires on farmers’ interest in different farming practices that would benefit soil health and biodiversity. And researcher Timo Karhula presented the results of the research focusing on the economic impact at farm level of practices that support soil biodiversity. In the afternoon, the results and themes of the day were discussed together in four discussion groups.

See the website of the Finnish Organic Research Institute (FORI) for further details (in Finnish).