Case Study 13

Case Study 13


Increase of soil biodiversity through amendment of forest based organic material in potato crops. Boreal (Finland)

Which problem will be solved
Potato cultivation has the risk to loose soil organic carbon due to deep ploughing and irrigation. Addition of forest based organic products adds carbon to soil.

State of the art
Potato cultivation in the boreal area is intensive using deep ploughing, irrigation and mineral fertilization. Eutrophication risk of nearby waters/ground water is high.

The objective is to test if forest based carbon addition increases soil biodiversity and carbon stocks in the soil.

Proposed management practices
We will compare potato harvest, compare microbiome diversity, carbon storage and disease occurrence between treatments in relation to forest based carbon addition.

Progress with the case study in relation with the state of the art
Finding adequate forest based material addition is the first step of a new fertilization improving biodiversity and carbon storage of soil.

Faculty of Sciences
Polithecnic Building
32004 Ourense (Spain)

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