FlächenAgentur Rheinland GmbH (FAR)

FlächenAgentur Rheinland GmbH


The FlächenAgentur Rheinland GmbH (FAR) was founded in 2009. As daughter of the Farmers Union we give advice for landusers, constructors and municipalities concerning an ecologically sustainable treatment of the open landscape and are engaged in connecting agriculture, environmental protection and nature conservation as well as science. Our tasks include the intermediation of rural environmental projects and initiatives, sectoral planning of impact regulation under nature conservation law as well as searching and acquisition of adequate sites for scientific questions within the rural open landscape.



David-Alexander Bind

David-Alexander Bind holds a master’s degree in crop science from the University of Bonn, Germany. Working for FAR he supports projects connecting agriculture, environmental protection and nature conservation. He covers the complete involvement of FAR in the project focussing on communication with farmers, organizing of sites for sampling and case studies in WP 5 in the Continental region of Germany. He will achieve the linkage between scientists and farmers i.e. between science and practice.



Birte Tschentke

Birte Tschentke has a diploma in Agriculture (degree: Dipl. Ing. agr.) of the University of Bonn, Germany. She is project leader within the FlächenAgentur Rheinland and the Rheinische Kulturlandschaft. Among other areas she has experience in practical farming, biodiversity and in implementing and organizing field trials on farms.
She is head of this project from side of FAR.



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