Fyneco is a Spanish manufacturer specialized in the design and packaging of fertilizers, biofertilizers, nutrients, plant enhancers and biocontrol agents with a solid biotechnological base that offers tailored solutions to the needs expressed by farmers. Fyneco provides an integral service with product supply and special technical advice to farmers.

The Fyneco R & D Department has its own research group, made up of highly qualified workers with wide experience in the sector, aware of the need for new, more efficient, sustainable and zero residue products that contribute to improve the quality and food safety demanded by the current market. To be at the forefront of science, Fyneco expands its activities in the field of research by carrying out projects in collaboration with the main public research centers and universities.

Fyneco promotes sustainable agriculture with a maximum respect for the environment, so it has a wide range of products suitable for its use in organic farming.



César Mota Cadenas

Dr. César Mota, is PhD in plant physiology and técnical director at the agrochemical company Fertilizantes y Nutrientes Ecológicos S.L. based in Murcia. His research activity focuses on the design and develope of environmentally friendly technology to increase growth and stress resistance of the main crops in Europe.



Elvira López Avilés

Biologist-Researcher R+D+i whose work is the research and development of products for plant nutrition and protection (treatment of diseases, deficiencies, pests, supplements) at the agrochemical company Fertilizantes y Nutrientes Ecológica S.L. Development of new formulations of inputs allowed in organic farming.



Pablo Sánchez

Degree in Environmental Sciences. Research proficiency in Edaphology and Agricultural Chemistry. Adviser in organic farming (stone fruit, nuts, lettuce, broccoli, etc.) and Agricultural advisor Director in FYNECO, fertilizer manufacturer.
Experimental design, farm selection and monitoring of field treatments.



Laura González Ramiro

Biologist and researcher at the Fyneco R&D department, whose function is to participate in the new product lines based on nutrition and plant biocontrol through the use of formulated with beneficial micro-organisms.


Andrés Nortes

Agricultural engineer specialized in horticulture. Master in nutrition and food safety. Advisor in different agricultural production and crop protocols (conventional, residue 0, Zerya, ecological). Design of treatment strategies for crops, agronomic design, monitoring and identification of auxiliary fauna. Agricultural advisor at Fyneco, fertilizer manufacturer.

+34 620 485 237 | nortes@fyneco.es


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32004 Ourense (Spain)

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