EV ILVO performs international, multidisciplinary and innovative research targeting an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture and fisheries in a from-farm-to-fork approach. Through this research, EV ILVO accumulates fundamental and applied knowledge which is vital for the improvement of products and production methods, for quality control and the safety of end products, and for the amelioration of policy instruments as a foundation for sector development and agricultural policy for rural areas. For this it collaborates in close contact with its stakeholders including Belgian and international universities, research institutions, policymakers, private companies, governmental and non-governmental bodies, farmers associations etc.



Lieven Waeyenberge

Senior researcher at ILVO, with expertise in molecular diagnostics of plant-parasitic and entomopathogenic nematodes. In this regard, he cooperated with several international research groups to aid in resolving diagnostic problems. Since a couple of years, his focus shifted towards amplicon-sequencing (a Next Generation Sequencing technique) to characterize soil nematode communities. Nematode communities are considered as capable bio-indicators of ecosystem health.
Member of the Project Management and Scientific Board, Atlantic Central regional coordinator and WP3 leader. Additionally involved in WP2, WP4, WP5, WP7 and WP8.

Lieven.waeyenberge@ilvo.vlaanderen.be | ResearchGate | Website


Jane Debode

Plant pathologist holding a PhD in bioscience engineering – agriculture (Ghent University, 2005). Currently, she is senior researcher at the Plant Sciences Unit of ILVO, involved in research about soil microbiology in relation to plant health and the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of soil-borne diseases. She is experienced in several techniques to study soil microbiology, including phospholipid fatty acid analysis (PLFA) and molecular techniques (DNA-metabarcoding, qPCR,…).
Member of the Project Scientific Board and involved in WP4 and WP8.

Jane.debode@ilvo.vlaanderen.be | ResearchGate | Website


Hilde Wustenberghs

Researcher sustainability of integrated crop production at ILVO’s Social Sciences unit, with many years of experience regarding environmental and economic indicators for agriculture, either on the national/regional or the farm level. Her research includes an indicator set for sustainable crop protection, DISCUSS, and international surveys of sustainability assessment methods. She uses both quantitative and qualitative research methods.
Task leader in WP6 (integrated impact assessment at the farm level) and involved in WP2.

hilde.wustenberghs@ilvo.vlaanderen.be | ResearchGate | Website


Jo Bijttebier

Senior researcher at ILVO’s Social Sciences unit, research domain Agricultural and Farm development with experience in participative learning processes and knowledge co-creation, and research into the adoption of agricultural practices. She is currently involved in several national and international projects focussing on multi-stakeholder processes in order to stimulate knowledge co-creation and innovation in agriculture. She was involved in the FP7 project 289782 CATCH-C, in which she focussed on the socio-psychological understanding of farmers’ behaviour in the adoption of soil improving practices.
Responsible for the environmental and socioeconomic assessment of soil biodiversity management and conservation and involvement in the socio-psychological evaluation of farmers’ willingness to adopt innovative farming practices (WP6).

Jo.Bijttebier@ilvo.vlaanderen.be | Website


Koen Willekens

Senior scientist at the research domain ‘Crop Husbandry & Environment’ of the Plant sciences unit of ILVO. He performs scientific research on soil management with respect to its effect on crop performance, soil quality, nutrient use efficiency and carbon sequestration. He obtained his PhD study ‘Nitrogen dynamics in relation to soil management and soil quality in field vegetable cropping systems’ at Ghent University, Belgium. He has many years of experience in on-farm composting, the procedures and compost quality assessment.
Main responsible person for the set-up, coordination and management of the field trial at ILVO (WP5). He is further involved in WP2 and WP8.

koen.willekens@ilvo.vlaanderen.be | Website


Dieter Slos

Biologist holding a PhD in Biology – nematology (Ghent University, 2019). His PhD focused on the taxonomy of nematodes in fungal fruiting bodies and the spermatogenesis of nematodes. He has a keen interest in (nematode) taxonomy, biodiversity research and bioinformatics. Currently, he is  senior researcher at the Plant Sciences Unit of ILVO, focusing on the bioinformatics side of the research. He has experience in nematode identification, molecular techniques (DNA-metabarcoding, PCR,…) and scripting with shell, R and Python.
Involved in WP4.

dieter.slos@ilvo.vlaanderen.be | Website


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