Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is the second largest research institute in Finland that works to advance the bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources. Our strategic objectives are related to sustainable new bio-based products, digital solutions, circular economy as well as healthy and profitable food production. Luke covers all aspects of agricultural and forest production and its excellent facilities enable studying the whole production chain including soil, crops, environmental impacts and economics.



Krista Peltoniemi

Doctor (PhD) Krista Peltoniemi is a senior scientist and has expertise on soil microbiomes. She has experience on studies of soil microbial communities (fungi, bacteria, actinobacteria, methanogenic archaea and methanotrophic bacteria), their diversity after environmental changes and their relationships in various environments. Her main task in the projects is to act as a regional coordinator for Boreal region on behalf of all Finnish partners Luke, Petla, Kilpiä and Tyynelä farms. She is involved in all WPs, and her expertize will be utilized in the soil microbiological anayses concerning WP3 and WP5.
Regional coordinator of boreal region, deputy coordinator of WP3.

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Eija Pouta

Professor Eija Pouta has extensive experience of research on the value of public goods such as rural landscape, biodiversity and nature conservation benefits. She has published over 60 peer reviewed articles in the main journals of natural resource economics and planning focusing mainly on non-market valuation. She will be leading WP6 and facilitate analyzing the costs and benefits of enhancing soil biodiversity in economic terms and the analysis of farmers’ behavior.
Task leader of WP6.

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Visa Nuutinen

Senior Scientist (PhD) Visa Nuutinen is specialized in the ecology and behavior of arable soil earthworms and long term, regional scale studies of field soil quality.  In the project he contributes mainly to the field studies of soil fauna.
Tasks in WP2, WP3 and WP5.

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Sari Iivonen

Doctor (PhD) Sari Iivonen is a director of the Finnish Organic Research Institute and she has a long-term expertise in organic crop production and utilization of agro-ecological methods in nutrient and pest management as well as in transfer of scientific knowledge to farmers. She will participate the planning and conducting of the communication and dissemination actions of WP8 and WP2.
Tasks in WP2 and WP8.

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Sannakajsa Velmala

Research Scientist Sannakajsa Velmala, PhD is an expert on plant physiology and soil ecology. She is conducting research involving ecto- and endomycorrhizas of trees and crop plants and root research. Currently she is the principal investigator in the study of mycorrhizas associated to onions in organic fields. Her main contribution will relate to the studies in the soil microbiological tasks of WP3 and WP5.
Tasks in WP3 and WP5.

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Hannu Fritze

Professor Hannu Fritze is interested in the soil microbial community structure in relation to land change use conducted on upland forest mineral as well as on organic peatland soils. The expertise gained tough this 30 year research is now taken into use also with agricultural soils under different cultivation practices. He will contribute to the planning and conducting of the empirical studies in WP3 and WP5.
Tasks in WP3 and WP5.

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Taina Pennanen

Principal Scientist (PhD) Taina Pennanen is an expert on soil microbiology and focused on diversity and ecology of symbiotic fungi, particularly from the perspective of plant genotypic variation, pathogen resistance and growth rate of the host. Her work aims also to practical utilization of fungi in seedling production. Her main activities will focus on soil organic and microbiological analyses in WP3 and WP5.
Tasks in WP3 and WP5.

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Marleena Hagner

Senior Scientist (PhD) Marleena Hagner is a soil ecologist and ecotoxicologist, and has expertise in the study of soil micro- and mesofauna (nematodes, microarthropodes, enchytraeids). She has also studied the effects of glyphosate on soil ecosystems and functioning of green roofs under Finnish urban climatic conditions. Her main contribution will relate to the empirical studies in the soil faunal tasks of WP3 and WP5.
Tasks in WP3 and WP5.

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Hannu Känkänen

Senior Scientist Hannu Känkänen, PhD has wide experience in cropping system studies and is specialized in cover crops. He has published 16 peer reviewed articles and about 150 popular articles. He has carried out several projects concerning cereals, legumes, cropping systems and cover and catch crops. His main contribution will relate to the expertise in cover crops and crop rotation in WP2 and WP5, and dissemination of the results in WP8.
Tasks in WP2, WP5 and WP8.

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Antti Miettinen

Research Scientist Antti Miettinen, M.Soc.Sc. (Economics) is an environmental economist. His research interests include cost-effectiveness of agri-environmental measures, economic value of ecosystem services from agriculture and agronomic and environmental optimization of fertilization. His contribution in WP6 will involve the assessment of economic and social costs of crop management practices and cropping systems that enhance soil biodiversity.
Tasks in WP2 and WP6.

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Annika Tienhaara

Research scientist (PhD) Annika Tienhaara is an environmental economist focusing on environmental valuation.
Tasks in WP6.

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Katri Joensuu

Research Scientist, MSc. (Horticultural Science) is a PhD student focusing on the sustainability of food systems. She has research experience in the environmental impacts of food and bioenergy production systems as well as food loss and waste in primary production. She will participate in the environmental assessment in WP6.
Tasks in WP6.

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