MTÜ Põllukultuuride klaster


MTÜ Põllukultuuride klaster is a farmers organization that was called to life to develop and disseminate environmentally friendly practices in farming. One of the major goals of the organization is soil protection: farming practices that make nutrients more available to plants and minimize nutrients leakage to ground water, increase soil organic matter, reduce soil erosion, improve soil pH and increase soil life activity.



Roosi Soosaar

Roosi Soosaar is a founder and leader of MTÜ Põllukultuuride klaster and a farmer. Bachelor in law and fifth level (highest level) in rural economics technical school in agronomy. Practical experience in organic and regular farming,  crop farming, milk cattle farming and eel farming. In own farm uses direct drilling, grows cover crops and uses organic fertilizers as much as possible. Almost 100% of the fields are fertilized using remote sensing technology to reduce nutrient leakage into ground water. Practitioner, not scientist. Involved in WP1, WP2, WP3, WP5, WP7 and WP8.


Faculty of Sciences
Polithecnic Building
32004 Ourense (Spain)

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