PETLA is a private research unit in Finland focusing on potato research, consultation, training and publication and maintained by Potato Research and Development Foundation. Research station is located at Ylistaro, Seinäjoki. Foundation is supported by potato industry, both starch and ware potato.



Marjo Hokka

Director Marjo Hokka, PhD (Dr. Sc. Agr. Plant pathology) has 20 years as a researcher experience in plant genomic research and plant protection research and in variety testing research. She has worked at MTT (nowadays LUKE) as a researcher, and as a researcher and a director in Agricultural Foundation of Trade, K-maatalous Experimental Farm prior to Petla. She will be involved to set up and maintain the case study 13 “Increase of soil biodiversity through amendment of forest based organic material in potato crops” and the case study 15 “Use of catch crop in farmed early potatoes fields
Person in charge for the Petla partner and involved in tasks WP5 and WP8.

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