POMONA is a consumer-driven cooperative agroforestry farm applying a sustainable agricultural management with respect for nature (agro-ecological farming), consumers (also owners of the company) and producers primarily from the local area. The concept aims at a perfect balance between biodiversity comprised of a fully developed ecosystem at one hand and a crop production producing a profitable income at the other hand, fully aligned with the needs of the consumers, and this on one farm.



Lieven Bauwens

Founder and chairman of Pomona vzw. Responsible for the set-up and management of a field trial (WP5).

pomonacoop@gmail.com | lievenbauwens@gmail.com


Tim De Roeck

Founder and chairman of Pomona cvba. Co-responsible for the management of a field trial (WP5).



Stéphanie De Caluwé

3 years professional farmer with expertise on organic farming and agroforestry, thesis at Landwijzer on short supply chain organic farming with agroforestry elements. Responsible for the maintenance of the field trial (WP5).



Faculty of Sciences
Polithecnic Building
32004 Ourense (Spain)

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