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Symbiom Ltd. is a Czech company with more than 20 years’ experience in the R&D, mass production, and application of symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi. Symbiom offers premium quality mycorrhizae, owing in particular to a specific production system. Its products are aimed at all types of agriculture, they have been recognized for many years for their high levels of performance and are in line with current and future societal and agronomic expectations. Since 2019 Symbiom is a member of DeSangosse group (based in Agen, France), a global BioSolutions® player.



Aleš Látr

PhD in Botany. Lead researcher at Symbiom. Responsible for mass production of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Project management of R&D projects. Focus on plant performance after symbiotic inoculations and modes of application of mycorrhizal fungi.

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Petr Kotyza

Dipl. Ing. in Agronomy, specialist in Phytopatology. Managing Director of Symbiom. Responsible for financial management of R&D projects.

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Andrea Tauerová

Bc. in Biochemistry and Economics. Responsible for mass production of ectomycorrhizal and ericoid mycorrhizal fungi. Focus on cultivation of mycorrhizal fungi under in vitro conditions.


Faculty of Sciences
Polithecnic Building
32004 Ourense (Spain)

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