Tyynelä farm is a private farm located in South-Eastern Finland, run by and Juuso Joona. Organic farming methods are used to produce high quality food, fodder, building and raw materials, and energy. The future target is to increase the diversity of crop production, processing of products, direct sales, and gain energy independence.



Juuso Joona

Juuso Joona, MSc (Agr.For.) is an agronomist who is running Tyynelä farm and he has trials in various soil health improving methods concentrating on increasing organic material in soil and ecological farming methods including versatile crop rotation, recycling of nutrients, and varietal mixture cultivation. His role is to set up and maintain boreal case study 14 “Contrasting continuous plant cover with inversion tillage in wheat fields” in WP5 and also contribute the dissemination of the results in WP8.
Person in charge for the Tyynelä farm partner and involved in tasks WP5 and WP8.

+359 50 360 96 32 | juuso.joona@tyynelantila.fi


Faculty of Sciences
Polithecnic Building
32004 Ourense (Spain)

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