The EU-FarmBook has been launched

The EU platform presents itself as the point of reference for farmers, foresters and advisors. It develops an EU-wide open source interactive database to get inspired to innovate. It will congregate practical materials i.e. videos, user manuals, and infographics.  The main purpose of the EU-FarmBook is to support knowledge exchange, by further developing, expanding and maintaining an easily accessible and user-friendly EU-wide Online Platform for practitioners in the agriculture and forestry sectors. To achieve this, it follows the following specific…

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Pomona potatoes planting day

Pomona is a consumer-driven cooperative agroforestry farm applying sustainable agricultural management (agroecological farming) aiming at a perfect balance between a fully developed ecosystem and profitable crop production. On the 2nd of May, the field trial was prepared for planting potatoes. The planting itself was executed the next day, using a less automated and advanced way to limit the impact on the soil structure. Two workers on the back of the tractor planted 2 varieties of potatoes: Alouette, a red potato,…

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