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SoildiverAgro at the EIP AGRI news

Case study 1 ran by UPCT and focus on the Use of soil biodiversity to reduce soil-borne diseases/pests incidence and increase nutrient availability in potatoes cropped in multiple cropping and rotations was selected by EIP AGRI to include as an inspirational idea. Take a look here: Inspirational idea: Improving soil biodiversity to reduce inputs | EIP-AGRI (europa.eu) Finding adequate crop rotations/multiple cropping to manage soil biodiversity, was not performed so far. Assessment of PGPB on soil biodiversity, since it has…

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Soildiveragro at the EIP Agri Farm-Data seminar

Our partner Roosi Soosaar from the Nemoral region is presenting SoildiverAgro project case study (CS12) – spore sampler (in Estonia). Watch the video she prepares here: “Our goal is to improve the ecological sustainability of disease management, through more targeted fungicide applications. For most pathogens, it takes several weeks from the actual infection to the onset of symptoms. To avoid unnecessary spraying we target disease control based on monitoring of phytopathogenic fungi in the area” Roosi Soosaar If you want…

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