The EU platform presents itself as the point of reference for farmers, foresters and advisors. It develops an EU-wide open source interactive database to get inspired to innovate. It will congregate practical materials i.e. videos, user manuals, and infographics. 

The main purpose of the EU-FarmBook is to support knowledge exchange, by further developing, expanding and maintaining an easily accessible and user-friendly EU-wide Online Platform for practitioners in the agriculture and forestry sectors. To achieve this, it follows the following specific objectives: collect, develop, engage, communicate, exploit, and network. 

Contributors are essential for the success of the platform, its growth and effectiveness. The EU-FarmBook community is expected to dedicate and share knowledge and collaboration: contents, discussions and other insights. Project coordinators are encourage to register the project and start contributions to share their knowledge.  

From SoildiverAgro, we are really happy that this platform is already in function, so we can continue spreading our discoveries beyond frontiers and fostering future links for collaboration. We are happy this platform has finally been launched and looking forward to being part of this community.