Tyynelä farm (Juuso Joona) and LUKE are hosting an insightful demonstration workshop on the SoildiverAgro experimental field. This event will take place on September 13th at the Tyynelä farm in Joutseno Finland.

The workshop will unveil the results of an extensive study Contrasting minimum tillage with inversion tillage in wheat fields. The event won’t stop at data presentation; it will also feature a practical, hands-on demonstration that explores soil structure analysis and earthworm assessment. Participants can engage directly with these essential aspects of sustainable farming.

Adding further depth to the event is the participation of the EVERGREEN project, a key player in advancing sustainable farming practices. EVERGREEN-project will present its cover crop experiment, conducted right at Tyynelä farm, emphasizing the importance of cover crops in improving soil health and sustainability.

We invite you to mark your calendars and join us for this enriching workshop, where you’ll gain valuable insights into the latest advancements in agriculture. Discover the vital role played by initiatives like SoildiverAgro and EVERGREEN in shaping the future of farming. Together, we work towards creating a more sustainable and food-secure world.